Career Olympiad


As the great William Blake has said, “Knowledge is life with wings”. At Star Olympiad Foundation we feel charmingly proud to scatter the beam of knowledge and awareness among the student fraternity by offering intellectually stimulating Olympiads supported with valuable insights.

International Online Olympiads

Star Olympiad Foundation announces International Career Interests Olympiad 2021. International Career Interests Olympiad comprises of two modules: Self Discovery search module and Career Cluster module. This Career Olympiad is created by experienced psychologists and educationalists for providing the students guideline to choose thier right career path. The Eligibility of Career Olympiad: Student whose age is above 14 (or) student who is studying in Class 9 to 12. All the questions of Career Olympiad is of descriptive type ( Gives students different situations and the results produced by Career Olympiad are based on the response given by the students. Take the test now to find your right career path.

Testimonial from Teachers

This Olympiad is a good learning session for the students. Students could evaluate their subject preparation level by this Olympiad.

Ms Prem Lata Chaturvedi, DAV Model Public School

The exam exhibits the student's intellectual skills and also enhances self confidence and presence of mind. I hereby express our sincere gratitude to Star Olympiad for conducting such an online exam.

Ms Hemalata, ABS Vidhya Mandhir

Good Olympiad! The questions are very useful for our students. Its an unique experience for the teachers too.

Ms Karthikselvi, Lalitha Lal Bahadur Shastri Public School

Our Students are very exited and acquired good experience from this exam and it is the first online exam for my students.

Ms M Devi, Jaivins Academy